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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

The Base One Believe Ice Breaker business cards

How many times have you been handed a business card that you instantly forget about, only to find it tucked away in your bag or wallet months later trying to recall who and where you met that person?

The Base One Believe campaign goes beyond business as usual, discovering new ways to start conversations and interact with each other. These eye-catching business cards aim to make that first meeting more memorable and spark conversation. The B design within the card pops up to reveal a belief specific to the owner of the business card, working as an icebreaker when the person meets somebody. You can then tear off the B, which has a link to the B campaign’s microsite. Immediately, the two parties have something to talk about.

Check out the campaigns microsite where you can add your own beliefs and start interacting with people.

A clever idea and good design - tell us what you think of the campaign...

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