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Monday, 14 February 2011

Love Design - special feature

As promised, That's Nice Design is all about the love today to celebrate Valentine's Day... here's a small selection of LOVELY designs and art. Please feel free to post links to anything else that has captured your heart today...

Print - Johanna Basford

That's Nice Design favourite Johanna Basford has so many fabulous designs to choose from but it's Valentines Day and Love is the word for the day. So let's kick off our celebration with this gorgeous print... Love...

Fashion - Lovebirds

Such a simple design that works so well... two lovebirds kissing in the shape of a heart. And this guy goes to prove it's not just a girls t-shirt. Available as a print or t-shirt from Threadless designed by sockneck (aka Paul Vizzari).

Greeting cards - Kate Jones

The shops are awash with Valentines cards, it was so hard to pick. But these are a little different... designed by Kate Jones for Camden Graphics the range is called 'mishmash' and made from vintage scarves, her grandma's hankies, old maps and a few extra prints of her own. And if greeting cards, patterns and textiles are your thing make sure you visit the Print Pattern blog.

Woodwork - Rob Ryan

Rob Ryan is another That's Nice Design favourite. There were endless examples of Rob's wonderfully whimsical work that could have been selected for this Valentines special but I decided to go for something a little different. The Key to My Heart with little messages of love - how can you resisit?

Film - Blue Valentine

From the reviews I've read this is a brilliant film but not exactly the happiest! The titles are quite beautiful, and shows what you can do just using stills from the film. It's like an understated explosion which I am guessing reflects the film - the ups and downs of love, the highs, the lows and the fireworks which aren't always a cause for celebration. To watch the full video click here to go to Art of the Title website.

Print - Life is Beautiful

I love the simplicity of this print in design and message. Available to purchase from Culture Label for a bargain price of £20.

Branding - Coo

Hofstede Design, based in Australia produced this playful, stylish design for Coo, a company that makes products for young children.

Hopefully this has spread a little design love your way... please post your comments or links to other lovely designs...