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Monday, 24 May 2010

Special Feature - Robots are Awesome by Her Art She Loves

In the first of the special features on That's Nice Design I caught up with the self penned "Jane-of-all-trades" over a virtual coffee and cake to discuss her super cute robots.

Based in the USA, Her Art She Loves is an illustrator by day creating stock vector images and reformating genre comics for iphones. But as if that's not most people's idea of a dream job she started turning her drawings of robots into mini works of arts and now sells her masterpieces online at

"I've worked with polymer clay since childhood, I've made random sculptures off and on for years. When I began drawing digital robots, I tried my hand at making one out of polymer and wire. I really enjoyed making my first robot (pictured below left) and haven't stopped since."

It was probably unintentional but these robots have such a universal appeal, females, males, children, art lovers and yes geeks will all find it very difficult to not full in love with at least one of them. Which bought me to the question:
Have you ever made a robot that you just couldn't bring yourself to sell because it was too cute?!
"Yes, Teal Plumply (pictured above right) He was the first robot that really came together, I love his colors and he inspired me to make more."

The robots creator is a self confessed Star Trek and Doctor Who fan, and has always been inspired by that genre in her work. I asked her if she would like her robots to take over the world but it seems the main aim is for people to buy a robot, place it on a shelf and just make people smile. And with each robot branded with a heart "Because we all need a little heart in life!" it's surely impossible for her mission to fail.

I for one, am a robot convert. I have probably never described robots as awesome in my life until now... awesome, playful, adorable, intricate, lovable, colourful bots... I could go on.

To see more Robots Are Awesome from a very cute bride and groom to a rabbit bot go to the flickr page

What do you think of Robots Are Awesome? comments please!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Eliot Kid is a stylish little fella

I 'accidently' turned on children's TV this morning instead of the usual breakfast election news, and found myself captivated by a title sequence for Eliot Kid. It's cute yet sophisticated style goes to prove that not all kids graphics need to be brash colours with big 3d type.
This isn't the best quality movie but check it out on BBC2 at 7.15am

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Rob Ryan

If you ever get a chance to see Rob Ryan's studio you must go. From the 23rd April to 3rd May he had his studio set up in Somerset House as part of the Pick Me Up festival. Seeing the intricate nature of the work and the cut outs so close up just makes you appreciate the work even more.