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Friday, 28 January 2011

Valentines Day - special feature

January is nearly over and the month of lurve is around the corner... That's Nice Design is looking to do a special feature on Love Design... everything to do with love - hearts, wedding invites, jewelry, colour palettes, textiles, food, gorgeous typography... you name it. And I'm looking for your input. Please pass on any great designs you spot within the next couple of weeks. is a great blog with lots of inspirational typographic approaches bought to us by two web designers with a shared passion for typography. It's already given me some ideas for wedding invites!

Make It Better - animated type

This is a really nice piece of animated type, different to the norm... The idea and design were conceived by Climent Canal with animation by Sebastian Baptista. And not forgetting the very effective audio by Aimar Molero.

MAKE IT BETTER from Clim on Vimeo.