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Monday, 25 January 2010

Sherlock Holmes credit sequence by Prologue

A couple of years ago I went to watch Terminator 3 with a friend in the special effects business. We sat and watched the credits waiting for the VFX companies to see if there was anyone we knew who worked on it. As we did this everyone else was leaving, and my friend thought it was very rude people didn't wait to read who put their hearts and souls into making this film. However, as soon as the VFX credits finished and moved onto the caterers she was up like a shot and wanted to go home..! At which point I said 'come on, I want to see who did the catering!'

This point aside I think the art of the credit sequence is a pretty cool way of making people stay and read the major players, if only they could carry it on for the whole sequence of 100's of names! After watching Sherlock Holmes at the weekend it was quite heart warming to see people stay in the cinema to watch the credits, and what beautifully crafted credits they were too...

Take a look at this interview with Danny Yount of Prologue Films on the Art of the Title website - very interesting to see the other boards and the process they went through.

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